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It's Friday night and normally right now I'd be out driving rideshare and making some nice weekend dollars. Things had been going well until last Friday night, when after parking late on my block, I woke up the next day to find that my car had been vandalized. The perpetrator had slashed words and obnoxious images into my doors and hood. I thought maybe it was just random bad luck, until a few days later, after I had moved the car to another nearby street, found even more vandalism on my car. At that point, I knew I was being targeted, but why? I racked my brain to think if I had inadvertently pissed someone off, or maybe violated the unspoken Chicago "dibs" rule when I parked in an open spot. Was I accidentally the victim of a gang turf battle? One of symbols carved into my door was a pitchfork, a common gang sign here in Chicago. The slashings were being done overnight, so it would be hard to lay in wait, given that right now it's 21 degrees. I don't have …

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